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Upon arrival in Thailand, foreign citizens must hold a valid passport with at least six months validity, a valid Thai visa, and proof on onward travel. However, visitors from ASEAN or Western countries, including most European, Commonwealth, and North American citizens, are not required to have a Thai visa for visits less than 30 days in Thailand. They will be granted access through Thailand immigration with a 30 Thai visa waiver, provided upon arrival. After such time, a Thai visa extension from an immigration office or a Thailand visa from an embassy or consulate outside of Thailand is required.

Please note that consular officers reserve the rights to request for additional documents when they deemed it necessary. It is advised that travelers check for requirements update with Royal Thai Consular or Embassy.
 Thailand has reopened its borders to international travelers, with the lunch of new 60 days TOURIST VISA (TR)
 No.1: Application form and Declaration form
 No.2: Two Photograph with white background
 No.3: Original passport and Photocopy of passport
 No.4: Photocopy of Residence Visa
 No.5: No Objection letter from the employer
 No.6: Confirmed plane ticket
 No.7: Confirmed hotel reservation (ASQ/ALQ Hotel in Thailand)
 No.8: Health Insurance worth at least 100,000 USD
 No.9: 6 Months Bank Statement with minimum 17,000 USD
 - 2 Months Single Entry Visa
 - Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine
 - Visa Fee (45-110 USD depending on the nearest Thai Embassy/Consulate in MENA)