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Getting Around the Thailand Transportation is one thing that you don’t need to worry about in Thailand. Country's public transport system generally offers excellent value. Thailand is also well-served by domestic airlines. Buses are cheap and convenient with many routes to various destinations. The railway network connects four corners of the country and is a cheap, scenic but slow way to travel around Thailand. Minivans and songthaews (pick-up trucks with two rows of seats) can help you to reach even the most distant villages. Large islands can be accessed by large ferries and smaller islands can be reached by speedboats and smaller boats. Getting Around Bangkok Skytrain (BTS) and Subway (MRT) Bangkok is the only city in Thailand currently served by three rapid transit systems: the elevated BTS Skytrain, the underground MRT, and the Airport Rail Link. The BTS Skytrain and the underground MRT systems connect the main shopping, entertainment and business areas of the city. Motorcycle Taxi Motorcycle taxis can be found near street intersections or small allies for quick transport and short distances. motorbike taxi drivers are identified by coloured, numbered vests. They are often used just for journeys up and down sois but might be suitable for the single traveller wishing to dodge traffic jams. Tuk Tuk The three-wheeled, open-sided tuk-tuks are the classic Thai vehicles that may be found on the streets of most Thai cities. Tuk-tuks are not only serving as an attraction for many foreign visitors but as a useful option for transporting people and supplies by locals as well, making them so popular in Thailand. They are not as dangerous as they look and can be a fun way to get around. Taxi Taxi in Bangkok are generally convenient and easy spotted as they are brightly painted in pink, orange, red-blue, green-yellow. The fare starts at 35 baht, and stays there for the first two kilometres. Thereafter, the fare gradually works its way up with 2 baht at a time (roughly per kilometre). A surcharge applies in traffic jams (1.25 baht per metre when moving under 6 km per hour). Bangkok residents often utilize mobile application when using taxi services such as Grab/Grab Taxi, Go Bike, All Thai Taxi, Uber, and Easy Taxi. Boat Water-based transport is present not only on the islands but still plays an important role in Bangkok too. Several water bus services serve commuters daily. Chao Phraya Express Boat service carries passengers along the river, Khlong Saen Saep boat service serves on 2 of Bankok's canals, and passenger ferries help to cross the Chao Phraya river at thirty-two river crossings.

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